There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

-Maya Angelou

Let The Querying Begin!

14 months, 9 edits, and a dozen liters of whiskey, absinthe and rum later, I’m ready for querying again. This is the third novel I’ve completed and sent out to agents. Some people hate writing the first draft. Most despise editing. But this is the part I hate worse. It is the end of a thing. A letting go of control and hopes and ambitions for a story that I’m unsure anyone will ever read. A mourning. A shifting to the next novel. The next heartbreak. The next hope. So here I go. Nothing to it, but to do it.


A Most Majestic Beer Can

The next time someone asks me what I’m doing with my life, I’m going to point to this guy. I want to be him when I grow up. He’s got his priorities straight.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is just sit at a typewriter and bleed.

-Ernest Hemingway

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

-Richard Bach

The Nihilisticle: Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers |

Friedrich Nietzsche didn’t just have an epic moustache, he had more than a few good tips for writers. As outlined, here are Nietzsche’s top ten rules for writers:

1. Of prime necessity is life: a style should live.

2. Style should be suited to the specific person with whom you wish to communicate. (The law of mutual relation.)

3. First, one must determine precisely “what-and-what do I wish to say and present,” before you may write. Writing must be mimicry.

4. Since the writer lacks many of the speaker’s means, he must in general have for his model a very expressive kind of presentation of necessity, the written copy will appear much paler.

5. The richness of life reveals itself through a richness of gestures. One must learn to feel everything — the length and retarding of sentences, interpunctuations, the choice of words, the pausing, the sequence of arguments — like gestures.

6. Be careful with periods! Only those people who also have long duration of breath while speaking are entitled to periods. With most people, the period is a matter of affectation.

7. Style ought to prove that one believes in an idea; not only that one thinks it but also feels it.

8. The more abstract a truth which one wishes to teach, the more one must first entice the senses.

9. Strategy on the part of the good writer of prose consists of choosing his means for stepping close to poetry but never stepping into it.

10. It is not good manners or clever to deprive one’s reader of the most obvious objections. It is very good manners and very clever to leave it to one’s reader alone to pronounce the ultimate quintessence of our wisdom.


El Duderino abiding and guiding the masses live

Jeff Bridges did an AMA at  And it was awesome. He explained how his fans wanted him to run for governer, but that his wife shot the idea down. I think I speak for everyone when I say: Lebowski for Governor.

A writer needs three things, experience, observation, and imagination, any two of which, at times any one of which, can supply the lack of the others.

-William Faulkner

Cowboy Bebop Meets Trigun

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Really want to see this crossover happen. Maybe in a different dimension of our universe this show actually existed. Now, just how do I go about creating a wormhole to get there….


Sleeping Cats

Artwork by one of my students, Jung Jisu, that I couldn’t let pass without a photo.