The Productive Routines of Creative Minds

I’m a firm believer in making small changes, sticking with them, and increasing the intensity as habits form and time goes on. I belief this is the way to buold strength in the gym. It is the way to produce a first draft (by hammering out a set number of pages per day), and it is the way to improve the foundation of your daily life.

For the past year, I have been steadily decreasing my distractions and wasted time. The smart phone is still here, temporarily, though it no longer has 3G access, only wifi, which I avoid for the most part because I removed the internet browser. Soon I will be buying an old flip phone. My sleep pattern has drastically changed as well. Sleeping in for me now means waking at eight, a full four hours earlier than in the past. This is because most days see my feet touching the floor at 5:15. This too was a gradual process. My goal is to wake at 4:30 each morning.

Besides the rare business meeting, I have also quit eating out for lunch, preferring instead to prepare all breakfasts, lunches, and a few dinners on the weekend. Pop them in the freezer and I’m just a microwave away from eating a healthy meal. Saves time, money, and allows me to control my nutrition, whether I am attempting to lose weight or gain muscle in the gym at that particular season.

This blog is a black hole, it feels like, but I continue on with its upkeep. As of today, it has undergone several reincarnations, much like Doctor Who, retaining the same basic reasons fueling my entries, while changing form completely. When on the internet nowadays, I limit my aimless surfing, though I wish to cut it out completely. Perhaps this blog will help to focus my attention while at the computer and not writing.

Most of my writing is completed on my 1-hour commute to an from work, so two hours of focused writing or editing. I have plenty of free time in my schedule, as my class end at 12:00 this semester, but there is also exercises, Korean studies, housework, and spending time with the wife to fill in those hours.

Routines, especially of creative types, fascinate me. If they do you too, allow me to point you toward Daily Routines, which summarizes a great many artists’ routines, particularly focusing on writers, and how they go about honing their craft and producing words.