Every Frame A Painting

Art is art is art.

Every field offers and lends itself to others. Music and poetry. Painting and comics. Films and books. The last two are essentially identical except in the methods of reception: watched or read, respectively. But the reason that so man books become films is they both tell stories, often using tricks of the trade that can be transferred over to the other art form in one way or another. This is the reason I recommend Save The Cat to others wanting to write novels, though it was written for screenwriters. It is also why I’m an adamant subscriber to the youtube channel, Every Frame A Painting.

In this series, you can pick up some of the tricks, methods, and ideas on how to capture and frame scene, how to transition, and how to keep the audience captivated. Though every video informs and entertains, they are not all helpful to novelists, though snippets should still inspire.

Above I’ve included one of my favorite episodes which chronicles the late Satoshi Kon and his use of transitions.