Cowboy Bebop & Why You Should Watch It

Cowboy Bebop is an entryway into a deep, dark hole of anime that never ends. But it’s more than that. Cowboy Bebop is a philosophy on life. It’s a way of carrying on in the stoic, British sense. Stiff upper lip, but more nihilistic.

Cowboy Bebop is stories inside stories. It’s a musical experience. The Seatbelts. Yoko Kanno. They will guide your ears on the journey. It’s not called bebop for no reason.

Although this is often the first recommendation for non-anime watchers to dip their toe into the genre, I am against using Bebop as a gateway drug; it is simply too good. You chance setting off the new addict on a lifetime quest to match that first high.

That said, if you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop before, check out this video then find a way to watch the 26-episode series (plus movie). If you’ve already seen it, watch this video, see a deeper side of Bebop, then scratch that itch by watching Spike, Jet, Fay, Ed, and Ein all over again.