Jan. 3rd

20170120_081309I used to love winter.

Winter meant a long vacation. It meant traveling to the UK to visit family. It meant hot cups of PG Tips, warms socks, and cold visits to the German Christmas Market. Winter was Christmas. It was the New Year’s party when we dressed up as zombies or pirates. Winter was the first snowfall, late mornings, and movie nights. Winter was the long weekend at the end of the year.

Now the vacation that was two and a half months is two and a half weeks. Two and a half weeks spent inside, nursing a baby who caught a cold. We still had the tea and coffee, the warm socks, and Netflix. We ate big breakfasts when we could. Had our first tiny Christmas tree together as a nuclear family. Exchanged gifts. My winter vacation was still sweet, but bitterly short.

Today it is January 3rd. The middle of the winter. My bus to work this morning was bitterly cold. An hour-long commute inside of an icebox. Only to enter an even colder office. Winter is brief moments of warmth between extended periods of freezing states.


Winter is here, and so am I.