Why Maniac is the Best Thing on Netflix Right Now

maniac (1)

I just finished watching the final episode of Maniac. And as I was sitting at my desk, eyes shiny at the final image of hope and friendship, another professor stopped by my desk. I quickly closed the window, but not before deciding that I simply had to write a quick post about this show.

Look, it starts a bit slow. I know. But stick it out. Get into the weirdness that can best be described as Wes Anderson on shrooms. Don’t question every single details. Don’t wonder how this show about depression and identity and letting go of the past you can’t change and friendship somehow entails a plot about elves side-by-side with mafia, or how a blue alien wouldn’t really just explode from touching a shorted mike. Just go with it. Accept the quirks. Actually, embrace them, because they really make this show shine. They prove that sometimes you have to break out of the formulaic Hollywood story arc and try stuff that may just fall flat on its face. Just like a baby hawk, you’re never going to know if you can fly until you risk it all. And Maniac has risked it all. It has won me over.