How I Stay Awake

prime numbers1

Staying awake wasn’t a problem when I was younger. Before the exercise regime demanded alarms set at 4am, my commute changed from one hour to two, and before I had a baby. Now, when it’s my turn to get my daughter to sleep, after the storybooks and lullabies, I pretend to sleep so that she will drift off. The only problem is that I sometimes follow her to lala-land.

Last night, I found the solution: a counting game.

Try counting up until you hit a prime number. Next, count back down, skipping all numbers that are not ptime numbers until you get back to one (I know that one is not a prime number, but for the sake of counting from one, let’s pretend that it is). After that count up again until you hit the next prime number. Then come back down. So a sequence may look like this:





And continue on like this. If you lose your place, start over at the beginning. It also helps me to move my foot to the beat of my counting. And try not to imagine the prime numbers as sheep. That’s going to accomplish the opposite of what you’re going for.